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There were times when the appearance of a guitar was considered more important than tone. Guitars were richly decorated - sometimes to the point of neglecting the tone - with ornate heads, great moustached bridges, delicate conical roses and lavishly decorated backs and sides.

However, in the 21st century, sound can be measured, analysed, amplified or recorded, A skilled luthier now needs to be part artist and part engineer. You begin with a sound that you have in your head - an imaginary thing. To make it real, you have to interpret the acoustics, create a design, select the right materials and work them into the right shapes.

Also, a guitar has to be comfortable to play and accurate in its intonation.

Finally, there are all the details that add to the beauty, like colourful veneers, sophisticated engravings on the machineheads and complicated inlays adorning the body and the soundhole.

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