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I've got a new workshop. The last time I wrote this page, I said that urban workshops were always too small. Not in Berlin, which is where the workshop is now. Acres of space to fill with new tools.

So, this is an industrial building, about 10 minutes walk from Potsdamer Platz, which was one of the graceful old squares in central Berlin, until it was completely destroyed during the war, and now rebuilt with astonishing new architecture like the Sony Center.

In our group, we have people making golf clubs, solar powered litter bins, petrol pumps, and guitars (of course). Then there are artists, lawyers and web designers.

And just down the road, the area is renowned for its Turkish greengrocers and prostitutes. The corner shop is not your typical London affair. Here, we have in fact LSD. This stands for Love, Sex and Dreams. I need say no more.

So, dear musicians reading this page, come and see us. Berlin has got to be one of the most unusual cities in Europe.

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