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To build a good guitar takes weeks. To build a great guitar takes years. A good guitar can be build with care or with love. A great guitar is built with passion. Passion to keep on learning. To keep trying new things, to accept the failures that come from taking risks. The passion to never accept mediocrity. So far it has taken 30 years. And there are always new things to learn.

Here you can find fairly traditional instruments alongside some of the most advanced engineering ever put into acoustic guitars. Series 88 was probably the first classical guitar in Europe to make consistent use of composite materials. The most recent concert guitars incorporate carbon fibre panels and other reinforcements more commonly found in Formula 1 and aerospace engineering.

This site will introduce you to the traditional craft of the luthier, explaining guitar and soundboard construction, rosette making and the new technology of carbon fibre reinforcement.

There is also a large reference section for those who wish to discover more.

If you would like to have a talk or to play a guitar you are always welcome to phone, email or visit.

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