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q series The latest in a long line of state-of-the-art instruments from Trevor Semple. This is the result of years of research to create a concert guitar with a unique sound.

series 88 This series is very clearly a guitar of the late 20th century, using significant carbon-fibre reinforcements and sophisticated inertial padding for acoustic energy control.

celtic series A very effective blend of traditional design and modern techniques gives this guitar a clear crisp tone and a lively response. Celtic- clear crisp tone and a lively response.

capital series A traditional guitar in both materials and construction. Hand-made throughout, including the rosette. This series is nearing the end of it's lifetime, but a few are still available at very resonable prices.

electroacoustic Any instrument can be fitted with transducer systems. This is a quick tour of the varous types available, together with the implications of an amplified sound.

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