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As the name implies, this is a guitar built within the established tradition, but nevertheless, a living, evolving design of the present day. The decorations were inspired by the breath-taking artistry of the Book of Kells (4th to 5th century AD), while the internal design is that of a typical Spanish guitar of the beginning of the century. However, the interpretation is one of the late 20th century, through the use of constructional techniques and carbon-fibre reinforcement developed during work on "Series 88". It offers a unique character of sound, since the tone is evocative of a lost Spain, but the performance exceeds any instrument built during that period. The power and projection immediately suggest a totally modern instrument. This remains an extremely popular model and offers excellent value for money.

This series is used by a number of performers, teachers and composers, including Luke Dunlea (UK), Johnny Kristiansen (Norway), Brad Richter (USA), Lee Sollory (London Guitar Trio) and David Wood (France).

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